Good afternoon,

We are pleased that we were able to offer some reassurance that the Highnam Residents would be able to gain access to their residences during the B4215 Road closure.

It is never a good time to close a road and we appreciate that those affected will have concerns and worries.

Can I tell the residents at least one entrance will be open?

We can only reiterate as stated in our last correspondence to you that access will be available from at least one of the entrances to the Highnam estate via either Lassington lane or Oakridge.

We are unable unfortunately to state exactly when each entrance will be available as this will be dependant on the works happening at any one time however the signage on site to show what is available.

Where will the machinery be kept during the day?

The machinery storage we are unable to state where these pieces of machinery will be stored as that decision is down to the works crew when they start on site.

As stated within the letter any area in red, machinery can be stored as this is part of the works area.

Will both sides of the road be open during the day?

The red Line as shown on the map within the letter will only be closed at the designated times

Can I confirm that  Lassington Lane (B4215) end is being resurfaced as it is quite bad for about 50yds

It is unlikely that the Lassington Lane end will be resurfaced as this is not part of the planned works, however we are more than happy to ascertain this information from the relevant department for you.

Will there be access to the Community Centre after 7pm?

If this is within the closure area then as stated pedestrian access is maintained but vehicles will not be able to access.

We do hope this information has assisted you further

Follow Link for information regarding roadworks in the area for the next 2 weeks.

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