Meet your Councillors


    Michael Welch

    Michael has been chairman of Highnam Parish since 2015.

    As well as his duties as Chairman he is responsible for Public Relations, scrutiny and budgets.  He is also a Trustee of HCCT ( Highnam Community Centre Trust )

    Michaels’ residential address is:  7 Peter’s Field, Highnam GL2 8LR

    Michael’s email address is:

    • Tel: 01452 417219

    Vice Chair and District Councillor

      Derek Davies

      Derek has served on Highnam Parish Council for many years and is at present Deputy Chair.

      On the Parish Council Derek is responsible for scrutiny and budgets.

      Derek’s residential address is: 12 Woodleigh Field Highnam GL2 8LP

      Derek’s email address is:

      • Tel: 01452 501816


        Charles Coats

        Charles has served on Highnam Parish Council since 2015 and has lived in the parish for many years.

        Charles has a background in local government and has used this experience extensively during recent issues arising from major planning applications.  Charles is working on the Parish Plan 2017 (Parish Plan 2007 Refresh),  planning and development and public relations.

        Charles’ residential address is: 14 Stoney Field Highnam  GL2 8LY

        Charles’ email address is:

        • Tel: 01452 503748

          Yan Watkins

          Yan has served on Highnam Parish Council  since 2010 and is a trustee and chairman of the Highnam Community Centre Trust (HCCT).

          On the Parish Council, Yan has formal responsibility for crime, justice and the law, risk assessment and budgets.

          He has also taken on the role of Web Site Editor

          Yan’s residential address is: 21 Williams Orchard Highnam GL2 8EL

          Yan’s email address is:

          • Tel: 01452 302705

            Valerie Tustin Smith

            Valerie joined Highnam Parish Council in 2016 and has been involved in issues relating to the development of Highnam, in particular in the Lassington Lane area.

            Valerie’s residential address is:

            Lassingville Lassington Lane Highnam  GL2 8DH

            The email for Valerie is:

            • Tel: 01452 500415

              Bill Badham

              Bill Badham has lived in Highnam since September 2015 and retired from Royal Mail in May 2018  He wants to become more involved in village affairs.

              Bill has taken on the role of Flood Warden, Footpath Warden and is also taking over the lead on Speed Monitoring in the village.

              He is a member of the Environmental working party on the Parish Plan Refresh, and interested in Wild Highnam and Highnam Hikers.

              Bills residential address is 4 Micklemead, Highnam, GL2 8NF

              Bills Email Address is

                Cllr Kevin Emmerson

                Kevin has lived in Highnam since 1983, and had until recently worked for Severn Trent water for 25 years

                His residential address is: 9 Oakridge, Highnam , Gl2 8EF


                County  Councillor

                  Phil Awford

                  Phil has served on both the County and Tewkesbury Borough Councils for many years.  He is an important link with Gloucestershire County Council for the parish council.

                  Phil has particular responsibility for highways.

                  Phil’s email address is:

                  • Tel: 01452 780979



                    Mr Richard Hicks

                    Richard can be contacted by email on
                    Alternatively use the ‘Important Contacts’ section on the Front Page.


                    • Tel: 01452 304500