Remedial Works

Complete Utilities, on behalf of Gigaclear, are due to start carrying out remedial work in Highnam w/c 11 January 2021; it  is anticipated that the work may take up to two weeks.

These works are to replace the Hi-Tex trench infill that was used when cabling was laid in 2018/19, and to bring the infill to a satisfactory standard.

We hope that inconvenience to residents will be kept to a minimum.

Tewkesbury Borough News

This is a message received from Tewkesbury Borough Council:

Tewkesbury Borough News should be delivered to the majority of households across Tewkesbury Borough. Inevitably, there may be small pockets of areas that get missed, but if you are consistently not getting your copies delivered to you (there are two editions each year), please let Tewkesbury Borough Council know by emailing your postcode to

In the meantime, the latest edition can be found online using the following link:

Also, for information, following complaints regarding the personnel delivering in Highnam, an investigation has been carried out and those employees have been warned to their future behaviour.  The vehicle they were using is registered in the UK, but had Bulgarian plates.


Graffiti – Highnam FC

Overnight on 21/22 November 2020, an act of disgraceful, disgusting and offensive vandalism took place with the daubing on graffiti on the Highnam FC changing rooms.

The message was a personal attack on a resident of this village, who is also a Parish Councillor, voluntarily carrying out a lot of work for the benefit of this community.  Highnam Parish Council would hope that all residents would abhor and condemn this type of behaviour.

Until materials can be obtained to remove the offending message completely, the graffiti has been temporarily whitewashed over.  It is intended that the cost of these materials will be paid for by Highnam Parish Council, which means that ultimately this cost is bourne by every resident of this Parish paying Council Tax through the element of precept on your Council Tax bill.