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Tewkesbury Borough Plan update.

The Tewkesbury Borough Plan has now been released for consultation and review and it deals with all matters affecting TBC’s area of responsibility. Possibly the most important aspect of The Plan concerning Highnam is the projected need for further housing development within The Parish  and apart rom the 130 dwellings already allocated no further development is considered until 2031 but even with Lassington Reach it only accounts for 88 dwellings: still over 40 to be accounted for. So go to the Tewkesbury Planning website and try to access The Planning portal and examine The Proposed Borough Plan and I wish you luck if you can find it easily!

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Latest update on The Parish Plan

The Highnam Parish Plan Group have recently convened and have decided which of the many items referred to by careful analysis of the results furnished by the questionnaire posted to all Highnam Residents  should become priorities and should be dealt with in descending order of importance, The twelve members of the group under the guidance of Councillor Coats have sub divided into small groups, each group having assumed responsibility for overseeing a particular item through to eventual delivery. The main item being the successful completion of the footpath/exercise track around Oakridge,

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Appointment of Highnam Parish Warden

Councillor Bill Badham has now been appointed as Highnam Parish Warden: a post which may not seem very spectacular until the duties encompass:-

1:- Traffic speeding monitoring.

2:- Organising The litter Picking volunteers.

3:- Examining the condition of all roads and pathways in Highnam and organising the necessary repairs.

4:- Reporting on any defects affecting road, warning signs and manhole access covers and once again. arranging for repairs.

So it doesn’t sound attention grabbing but it is a very necessary duty and is one of the problems Richard, our Parish Clerk spends much time dealing with while many very serious issues need much more time to process.

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Hempstead Recycling Centre

With effect from 28 October 2018, the Hempstead Recycling Centre will be closed on Thursdays.  Opening hours are also changed to 10.00am to 4.00pm.

Information and closure times are available on

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A48 Road closures at Minsterworth

The A48 at Minsterworth is to be closed between 15 and 31 October 2018 on Monday to Friday between 19.00 and 7.00 for carriageway resurfacing.

Diversions will be in place, and some limited access will be possible.

Further information will be available on Gloucestershire County Council web site.