Tewkesbury Borough News

This is a message received from Tewkesbury Borough Council:

Tewkesbury Borough News should be delivered to the majority of households across Tewkesbury Borough. Inevitably, there may be small pockets of areas that get missed, but if you are consistently not getting your copies delivered to you (there are two editions each year), please let Tewkesbury Borough Council know by emailing your postcode to communications@tewkesbury.gov.uk.

In the meantime, the latest edition can be found online using the following link: https://www.tewkesbury.gov.uk/press-office?rq=press%20office#tewkesbury-borough-news

Also, for information, following complaints regarding the personnel delivering in Highnam, an investigation has been carried out and those employees have been warned to their future behaviour.  The vehicle they were using is registered in the UK, but had Bulgarian plates.