Pete Dyche

Pete is an IT professional and combines his technical skills with a logical and pragmatic approach to solving problems. Most recently, he has volunteered at a community repair café, sharing his skills to resurrect items for their owners.

He has lived in Highnam for four years and became interested in the parish council when working with residents at Lassington Reach to address longstanding issues with the ground management company. Pete joined the council in January 2022 and will be working with other councillors to identify projects that may be eligible for local grants.

Pete’s residential address is: 7 Cherry Blossom Close



Bob Harding

Bob has a background in project management and pension valuations. His family have lived in Highnam for a number of years and feels that he has more time to devote to local matters. As yet as a newbie on the council he has no specific role but intends to involve himself in all matters including the Environmental Working Group and the Heart of Highnam.

His hobbies include walking, photography, natural history  as well as being a committed environmentalist.

Bob was elected to the council in August 2021.

He lives at 2 Cottage Field, Highnam


Rees Keene

Rees is a member of the family who have been farming at Over since 1936.  He grew up on Over Farm.  He spent 7 years serving with the Royal Air Force until 2010, and then went on the study at the Royal Agricultural College at Cirencester.  He is now a business partner of Over Farm.  He decided to apply to serve as a Parish Councillor after attending several meetings as a member of the public, and feeling that he might have something to contribute.


Bill Nicol

Bill Nicol has lived in Highnam since 1980.  He has three sons who all attended Highnam Primary School (now Academy), and went on to Newent Community School.  He has worked for Gloucestershire County Council since 1988, in the Business Service Centre.  He takes on the role of Presiding Officer at local elections for either Forest of Dean or Tewkesbury Councils.

He has interests in live music, investing and reading, and was a founder member of the now defunct Highnam Garden Club.

Bills Residential address is:  15 Farthing Croft

Jill Smith and Borough Councillor

Jill has lived in Lassington/Highnam for 33 years. Past career was in the NHS, initially as an Occupational Therapist, then moving into Team Management, a Project Manager and Service experience Manager. Jill believes that the Parish Council is there to work with the people, for the people in the village.
Jill was also elected as Tewkesbury Borough Councillor in 2019 for the Highnam and Haw Bridge Ward, and serves on may committees on the Borough Council.
Address is Astmans Farm, Lassington Lane
Tel ;01452 524938

Bill Badham

Bill Badham has lived in Highnam since September 2015 and retired from Royal Mail in May 2018  He wanted to become more involved in village affairs.

Bill has taken on the role of Footpath Warden and is also taking over the lead on Speed Monitoring in the village.

He is a member of the Environmental working party on the Parish Plan Refresh, and interested in Wild Highnam and Highnam Hikers.

His  residential address is 4 Micklemead, Highnam, GL2 8NF


Valerie Tustin Smith

Valerie joined Highnam Parish Council in 2016 and has been involved in issues relating to the development of Highnam, in particular in the Lassington Lane area.

Valerie was elected as Vice Chair of the council in June 2020.

Valerie’s residential address is:

Lassingville, Lassington Lane, Highnam  GL2 8DH

The email for Valerie is:

Michael Welch

Michael was Chairman of Highnam Parish Council from 2015 until 2021.

He is responsible for Public Relations, scrutiny and budgets.  He is also a Trustee of HCCT ( Highnam Community Centre Trust )

Michaels’ residential address is:  7 Peter’s Field, Highnam, GL2 8LR

Michael’s email address is: