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Residential Development outside Oakridge – updated 15/06/18

Highnam Parish Council – Residential Development outside Oakridge

The 4 day Public Appeal Inquiry concluded on the 25th May following a visit to the proposed site.

The Inspector is now reviewing the evidence given by all parties involved. In terms of outcome, it is very unlikely that a decision will be known before the end of July, and it could well be later.

The Parish Council would like to thank the consultants for their invaluable support to the council prior to and during the inquiry and to all the residents that attended over the 4 days.

We will update this news post when we receive any further information relating to the outcome of the appeal inquiry.




In response to anticipated proposals from Terra Strategic for additional residential development in Highnam, Highnam Parish Council at its meeting on 13th March 2018 formally resolved to oppose in principle any form of residential development outside the road known as Oakridge.  The Parish Council agreed that its planning group together with District Councillors, retained expert consultants and local residents’ lobby groups would work closely with Tewkesbury Borough Council in vigorously opposing any future development as and when any planning application is made.

The Parish Council has also now submitted its formal Statement of Case to the Planning Inspectorate in relation to the forthcoming Planning Inquiry into the appeal against refusal of planning consent for residential development on Land South of Oakridge. The Parish Council has appointed planning, landscape and highways consultants to assist it at the Inquiry. Formal Proofs of Evidence are currently being prepared setting out the Parish Council’s detailed case for opposing this appeal. The Hearing will take place at the Borough Council’s offices between 22nd and 25th May.

The Parish Council will endeavour to keep local residents regularly updated on these two important planning issues.