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Open Evening Meeting on 23/05/18 to discuss the formation of a new Village Youth Club

The Parish Council, through its Parish Plan Refresh initiative, is pleased to support the formation of a new Youth Club in the village. This is being promoted by Educational Wellbeing, an organisation dedicated to managing youth provision run by Gary Sutton, a professional youth worker. An Open Evening will be held between 7 and 8 pm in the Parish Room on Wednesday 23rd May. All interested parents, children, indeed anyone interested in supporting this venture, are encouraged to attend this event to help get this exciting initiative off the ground.

The proposed Youth Project will be set up as a not for profit, constituted origination and part of a group of services that make up Educational Wellbeing. The service will play a role in the lives of children and young people within Highnam. The service will provide opportunities to participate in a range of activities that are beneficial to personal, social and educational wellbeing. The provision will be led by highly skilled, qualified and experienced Youth Workers. The provision and responsibilities will be wide and varied and provided by a diverse range of methods. Our proposed work will include universal and targeted provision, this includes:

  • A Youth Project • Community Sports Leaders Awards • Participation and young people forums • Training and accredited learning programmes • Activity programmes and Youth Curriculum Development • Support from other providers • Youth Workers in Schools