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Next scheduled Meeting of Highnam Parish Council

There never is any meeting of The Council in December but the first meeting in The New Year will be held in The Old School Room on the 8th of January when Martin Hutchins will be revealing the results of The Parish Housing Survey which if you recall took place late September when questionnaires were posted to every household in The Village and at least 600 completed papers were returned which was a most remarkable response. Please come to the meeting and discover first hand what the residents in Highnam have requested regarding future housing needs affecting Our Village. The results of the survey are going to have a most important contribution to the urgent reappraisal and revaluation of our Neighbourhood Development Plan. The Original Plan had to be assessed and tempered in order to satisfy before it’s submission to Tewkesbury Borough Council but the inspector emasculated our original submission, hence the need to strengthen the NDP bearing in mind Highnam is open to  speculative planning applications from unwelcome Developers.