Community Engagement  Strategy

Community cohesion, pride of place, and locality identity are precious commodities. They cannot be taken for granted and require regular nurturing. Highnam is a relatively large village: it is made up of a broad range of age groups, differing interests, and potentially competing aspirations. How to harness these energies is a challenge, but essential to ensuring Highnam remains an attractive and valued place where all residents can live, work, and play.

The Parish Council (the Council) represents the first tier of local government. As such, it is closest to its residents: it should represent their interests, lobby on their behalf where necessary, and remain accountable for its actions. It should be accessible; relevant; alert to emerging issues and demographic trends. The Council should be a dynamic organisation which leads, influences, coordinates, and represents its community.  It should also have the facility to be able to gain an awareness of emerging issues by close collaborative working with local organisations.

This Paper explores ways in which these aspirations might be best achieved.

HPC Community Strategy Jan24


Neighbourhood Development Plan as submitted for referendum to the residents of Highnam Parish 24th November 2016.

This Plan was passed by Tewkesbury Borough Council in January 2017 and is designated as ‘made’; that is, it is enacted, and must be taken into account during any planning decisions by Tewkesbury Borough Council.

To access the Plan please click on the link below.

NDP 2016