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HPC Policy Statement – Development Consultation Initiative – Messrs Gladmans

Land to the West of Highnam

Policy Statement from Highnam Parish Council in relation to the Development Consultation Initiative recently launched by Messrs Gladmans

Highnam Parish Council (HPC) have been in dialogue with Messrs Gladmans regarding their development proposals. As a result, we have now resolved to issue this Statement which represents our considered views on their proposals. This may assist residents in making any response they may wish independently to make. Our position is summarised below:

Highnam Business Park Expansion: This accords with Policy B1 of the current Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP). As such, we would not object to this in principle, but would not support an additional vehicular access to the site being provided off the B4215.

165 Unit Residential Development to the West of Lassington Reach:
➢ We are extremely disappointed that Gladmans have totally ignored HPC’s concerns and have launched their consultation at the worst and most inappropriate time.
➢ We would encourage residents not to be lured into completing the detailed tick boxes provided, but instead set out their views in the large comments box .Alternatively, send their views direct to Gladmans.
➢ This Proposal represents town planning at its worst: if approved it would provide a completely separate development with no direct vehicular links to the rest of the village.
➢ There is a risk, in the absence of any overarching Masterplan, that further tranches of discrete development could be pursued in future years stretching development even further westwards, thereby creating additional, separate blocks of housing lacking any degree of integration with the rest of the village.
➢ The provision of a direct vehicular access onto the B4215 to serve this development is completely unacceptable: it would create a total of seven separate accesses along a 400m stretch of poor visibility busy road with attendant road safety and traffic congestion dangers.
➢ This proposal is premature, coming in advance of the finalisation of the revised NDP which HPC are currently working on, and which will, when circumstances permit, be the subject of extensive local consultation.
In summary this Proposal is ill timed, inappropriate, poorly thought out, unacceptable in a wide range of respects, and should be robustly resisted. HPC would strongly encourage all residents to make their views known. These will have to be incorporated into a Statement of Community Involvement which the developers will be obliged to submit to the Local Planning Authority and will be taken into account when any planning application comes to be considered. The more people that respond the better. We have, as a community, seen off previous inappropriate development. With a concerted effort we can do so again.