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Highnam Planning Group

The Planning group comprising of Valerie Tustin Smith, Charlie Coates, Nick Cooke, Mike welch and David Crofts met to discuss Highnam’s response to the draft Tewkesbury Borough Plan which is presented to the public for consultation and amendment.  David Crofts has been engaged by The Parish Council in an advisory capacity to examine “the plan” which tries to cover the proposed land requirements for housing until 20031. In the proposed Borough Plan the village of Highnam is not scheduled for any further housing build but the original proposed allocation for housing build in existing plans was for 130 units of which 88 can be accounted for – Lassington Reach- leaving a shortfall of 42 units. Now the proposed Oakridge planning application to build 40 units which is still awaiting the decision from The Inspector whether to grant or refuse is still on hold and will not be published until late December or early January and The Inspector’s decision is final and there will be no further grounds for appeal. Therefore The Parish Council’s response to the proposed Borough Plan is essential in order to safeguard Highnam Village from any speculative development and so David Crofts has submitted a very detailed itemised analysis and critique of The Plan as far as it affects Highnam.